Frank Hendricks (1928-2003), Texas Engraver, Featured on Texas Country Reporter

In 1993, Texas Country Reporter, the Dallas-based TV program, did a feature story about Frank Hendricks of Pedernales Place.  Here is a clip of that show. It runs about six minutes and features both the extraordinary art and craft of Frank, and our beautiful Pedernales River. The friend who helped transfer this video clip from a VHS tape observed that if this were Japan, Frank Hendricks would have been declared a National Treasure.

Frank's wife, Virginia, said host Bob Phillips was not there.  The location crew admitted they had not been enthusiastic about traveling to the sticks outside Austin to photograph guns. They were soon captivated by the art of Frank's work and enchanted by the wild beauty of Pedernales Place. The film crew ended up shooting all day and leaving late.  They probably missed their flight out of Austin!

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Sincere gratitude to Dr. Leslie Cortes for providing resources, time, and expertise to capture this video from VHS tape and digitize it for our use. Thanks to the producers of Texas Country Reporter for graciously permitting the reproduction of this video for noncommercial, not for profit rebroadcast.

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