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There's something different about this country...The climate is generally pleasant. The sun is generally clean. And the water is pure...And I don't know how to describe the feeling, other than I guess we all search at times for serenity. And it's serene here.

Lyndon Baines Johnson

Whether you call it the Pur-da-Nal-es or Pether-NAH-les, the Pedernales River evokes a sense of serenity and awe. The sheltering cypress trees, the massive boulders lying along and in the river bed, and the sparkling waters present a landscape made perfect without man's intervention or design. At one visit, the river can seem lazy and tranquil; at the next, a Hill Country thunderstorm can turn it into a powerful, raging torrent full of fury and danger. In summer, the cool water and the shade from the cypress trees provide welcome relief from the heat and sun. In winter, when the carpet of cypress needles soften the river's edge, you find rocks, plants, and signs of wildlife that were overlooked in the rush to greet the river. The Pedernales truly represents the old Indian proverb that you can never step in the same river twice.

Within the Pedernales Place subdivision, there is a wide diversity of homesites. While not all have river frontage, all members of the Pedernales Place Property Owners' Association have access to the homeowners park which is maintained with association dues. Hiking across the land, you find extensive variety in the plants, trees, and geological formations. At the top level along the roads grow live oaks, mesquite, cedars, elms, and Texas persimmons, along with prickly pears, yuccas, agaritas, and grasslands with wildflowers. Next towards the river where there are small caves and springs, come a profusion of possumhaws, creek walnuts, beautyberries, buckeyes, and lacy oaks. Closer to the river along gentle slopes, native pecans have established, providing food for wildlife and shady picnic areas. Throughout the subdivision birds, armadillos, raccoons, turkeys, deer, and other animals find food and shelter. And all property owners have access to the wide, open skies which provide wonderful opportunities for stargazing.

Because the Pedernales flows primarily across ranches in its push to reach the Colorado River, its beauty is mostly hidden from view and few can marvel at its pristine beauty and power. Only the state park and a few other public access points exist along the 106 miles it travels. The Pedernales Place subdivision offers the opportunity and responsibility for us to access, use, and care for one of the greatest natural areas of Central Texas. Recognizing their stewardship role, Pedernales Place property owners have formed a strong association to protect the land and river, as well as property values. Anyone considering purchasing property in Pedernales Place should be sure to ask their realtor for a copy of the deed restrictions and lot plan. Board members of the property owners association can be contacted by writing to the Pedernales Place Property Owners' Association.

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